Live Life Fully, Freely, and Fearlessly

The Boulder Quest Center specializes in teaching self-defense through To-Shin Do ninjutsu. We define self-defense as the ability to live life fully, freely, and fearlessly. Our self-defense and personal growth needs change as we age, so we offer programs in distinct age groups: Dragons (ages 4-7), Youth (ages 7-16) and Adult (ages 17-70). We offer both age-specific and mixed age classes so that siblings and parents have the opportunity to train at the same time.

A Powerful Way of Life

In an over-stressed world, balancing a clear mind, fit body, and centered spirit is a pathway to becoming a tatsujin – a fully actualized person operating masterfully in all areas of life.

Adventure-based leadership development through martial arts training.

Training for mastery in all forms of conflict is at the heart of To-Shin Do. Skill, strategy, and adaptability are your greatest strengths. More than merely teaching techniques to memorize, we focus on developing the whole person. You learn strategies along with the tactics, so each individual evolves into a fully actualized human being fully prepared for success in life.

Personal development comes from our life skills program – how to take command in times of confusion, confrontation, or discouragement.

We cover everything an effective leader wants to know – powerfully bringing resolution when others may want conflict or contention, making a good first impression to attract allies and friends, managing difficult relationships, and gaining top-notch presentation skills.

You will find our school an up-lifting place to spend time with friends who share your commitment to personal advancement.

“I’ve been training at BQC for several years. When I started, I wanted to learn self-defense and get some extra exercise. Now it has become my avenue for personal growth and empowerment. To-Shin Do offers me a practical training platform that helps me actualize my personal power and take it out into the world and achieve my goals.”

– Kim Speek, age 49, 2nd Degree Black Belt

Your instructors are dedicated to helping you discover your own insights into personal power, resourcefulness, broad vision, peace of mind, and happiness. That’s what the original martial arts of Asia were all about.

You learn how to approach winning as a way of life.

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We look forward to sharing our martial art, community and lineage with you!

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