Deepen your Ninja Warrior Abilities

Ninja Warrior classes delve into the depth topics of the ninja. These are the classes to move beyond modern self-protection and into the mental and artistic skills of the ninja.

Ninja Secrets

Advanced explorations of classical techniques from the 9 ryu (families) of ninjutsu.

Ninja Weapons

Rotating monthly curriculum studying Kenjutsu (tachi sword), Bojutsu (6′ staff), Kusari Fundo (weighted chain) and Shuriken (throwing stars). Learn classical techniques and to project your energy through a weapon.

Ninja Mind

Learn the energetic techniques of the ninja. These mind skills help you live a more powerfully effective life.

Ninja Philosophy

Depth discussions about the Buddhist and philosophical underpinnings of ninjutsu study.


We look forward to sharing our martial art, community and lineage with you!

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