Skills, Awareness & Perspective

We are increasingly aware these days of violence and terror in the world. Perhaps it was always there, or maybe it’s getting worse, but the awareness of it can foster a sense of insecurity in certain situations. This sense can be exacerbated if you do have a negative experience yourself, or someone you care about becomes a victim.

The truth is, there is some ugliness in the world, and when it rears its head, often we are the only ones there. Luckily, you are not helpless. There is something we can do about it.

First, we can develop the skills to respond should it come to that. Training and developing effective self-defense skills is the first step towards a sense of security. Our ability to respond is our responsibility.

Second, we can develop the awareness that lets us take control of timing, circumstances, and relationships. By understanding how violence works and how it comes to be, we can often prevent it from arising. If it does arise, we will be in a better position to deal with it based on the awareness and preparation.

Third, we can develop the perspective that lets us focus on the bright and beautiful forces in life. Knowing that we are capable and aware, we can engage the wonder of life and enjoy it without being consumed by fear and worry.

Sound good? Let’s get started.

We look forward to sharing our martial art, community and lineage with you!

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