Stephen Kinryu-Jien Hayes

Mr. Hayes, Founder (An-Shu) of To-Shin Do® Kasumi-An Ninja Martial Arts has spent his entire adult life in the pursuit of perfection through the study of the Asian martial arts and spiritual traditions, living and traveling throughout North America, Japan, Europe, the Arctic, China, Tibet, Nepal, and India.

An-Shu Hayes is the man responsible for the introduction of the art of the ninja to American culture at large, after taking an incredibly risky trip to Japan in 1975 to find what many believed to be lost – the secret teachings of the ninja. His journey, documented in his book Ninja and Their Secret Fighting Art, was a complete success. He became the first American teacher of the only authentic ninja lineage, and carries that legacy in his personal contribution through To-Shin Do today.

An-Shu Hayes is the ninja legend that so many books and movies try to capture. We are truly blessed to have him visit the Boulder Quest Center regularly and share his wisdom directly with our instructors and senior students.

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We look forward to sharing our martial art, community and lineage with you!

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