Life Mastery Through Martial Arts

To-Shin Do® was founded in the 1990s by An-Shu Stephen K. Hayes as a presentation of his training in ancient ninjutsu in Japan. Americans learned ninjutsu for the first time from An-Shu Hayes starting in the early 1980s, but the threats of modern American life are noticeably different than the battlefield of 1500s Japan.

Through years of training in education and empowerment theory, An-Shu Hayes recognized the need for a modern American approach to the principles of the ninja.

To-Shin Do® is specifically designed to deliver life mastery through training to:

Never done martial arts before? No problem – To-Shin Do® is built around natural movements which you can learn quickly and safely.

Already done some other martial arts? You’re going to love To-Shin Do® even more. Our techniques and principles are second-to-none in effective self-defense, and our way of teaching helps you integrate what you already know. This is what martial arts are supposed to be.

We use a Five Element model to teach technique, strategy, psychological change, and growth of the spirit. When you’re ready to experience it first hand, try a free class!

We look forward to sharing our martial art, community and lineage with you!

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