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How many martial arts do you teach?

We teach just one very complete martial art, To-Shin Do. Derived from ancient ninjutsu, To-Shin Do has more technique, history, and variety than one person could ever learn in a lifetime. You don’t need any other martial arts.

Where did the teachers at the dojo learn? Do they still train?

BQC owner, Mary Aitoshi Stevens began as a white belt in To-Shin Do many years ago in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. They eventually became direct students of To-Shin Do founder Stephen K. Hayes, who is based out of Dayton, Ohio. She travels frequently to train with him to this day. In addition, she does weekly Sype lessons to ensure the highest quality of taijutsu movement.

All other staff trains at the BQC and in specialized seminars.

I’m new to martial arts. How do I tell if a dojo is good?

You may be new to martial arts, but you are not new to judging the character of potential role-models. You want to be around pleasant, intelligent, talented teachers who inspire you, care about you and help you develop the skills you want to acquire. We have that.

Is the Boulder Quest Center part of some kind of chain or franchise?

No. Mary Aitoshi owns, trains at, and teaches at the Boulder Quest Center. All business operations are handled in-house and in-person. The Boulder Quest Center chooses to license and teach in To-Shin Do, and as such is affiliated with a network of sister schools spread across the globe, but each dojo stands as its own locally owned business serving the community. The Boulder Quest Center is a 100% woman-owned business.

I’m interested, but I don’t want to get hurt. How do I know whether I can train in To-Shin Do safely?

To-Shin Do specializes in intelligent and efficient movement. Generally we find our students are much safer in To-Shin Do than in skiing, soccer, or basketball. Moreover, they become even more safe with training, because they learn how to move their body gracefully, roll if they fall, and dissipate any force received. If you can enjoy a short bicycle ride or hike, you are probably healthy enough to enjoy To-Shin Do safely. Our instructors are also experts in what makes the training work – ask them about any specific concerns you have and they’ll give you a straight answer.

Does To-Shin Do founder An-Shu Stephen K. Hayes ever come to visit the Boulder Quest Center?

Yes! We usually bring An-Shu Hayes out in the summer for a full weekend of training on the exotic lineage secrets that only he can deliver. Often his wife An-Shu Rumiko Hayes accompanies him. All are welcome to join these weekend training events.

Are you the best martial arts school for me?

If you are interested in personal empowerment and life mastery through effective self-defense training in the martial arts, we are without a doubt the best martial arts school for you. We welcome you to try a free class and discover this for yourself.

We look forward to sharing our martial art, community and lineage with you!

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