Mary A. Stevens, II

Aitoshi: Warrior of the Loving Blade

4th Degree Black Belt Mary earned her Warrior Name in To-Shin Do in 2007. She was awarded the lineage name Aitoshi, Warrior of the Loving Blade, by her personal teacher Stephen K. Hayes. Mary Aitoshi is deeply devoted to the good people in her life, and she lives and works for the moments when her students joyfully awaken to the potential of the path.

“I help people find and carry their own light.” – Mary Aitoshi

Mary Aitoshi specializes in helping people find their light. For Aitoshi, the path  of self-empowering adventure utilizes martial arts, mind science, and magic. She believes in freedom through power.

So caring and compassionate, yet absolutely terrifying. She tells me what’s wrong, and what I can do to fix it. ~Blake

Mary Aitoshi first encountered martial arts through women’s self-defense programs in college, but found that they could not adapt to the more complex realities that modern women face. “Most attacks on women are by people they know,” she notes, “so gouging out the eyes may not be appropriate.”

She searched for a more intelligent and nuanced approach while completing her fitness certifications and Master’s degree in Recreation Administration from UNC-Chapel Hill. She found To-Shin Do® and immediately recognized how the Five Element approach of this martial art provided a platform for scalable and nuanced response.

Mary welcomes everyone with respect and warmth. They have created a wonderful community which allows for everyone to grow and learn at their own pace. ~Kim

She wrote her Master’s thesis on the Five Elements, earned her Black Belt, and moved to Boulder, Colorado to enjoy both the spiritual and outdoor-recreation instincts of the community. After arriving, she was sure that Boulder residents would be able to appreciate the embodied empowerment experience that To-Shin Do® offers.

“Mary Aitoshi’s gift is her spirit. She has a vision of the brightness that can be, and she won’t stop until she gets what she wants and the world is a better place for it.” – An-Shu Stephen K. Hayes

When not helping new people discover the support of the To-Shin path, Mary Aitoshi also served in various roles, including President, of the recreation-focused non-profit board PLAY! Boulder from 2005-2013. She continues to grow in her own personal martial and meditation practices from the To-Shin lineage, and for recreation, she hikes, swims, and skis.

Aitoshi is a beacon of clarity, honesty and strength. She possesses a childlike curiosity that is sure to get you thinking about any given situation with a new, fresh perspective. ~JoAnna

Mary is proud to be living fully and freely as an empowered, educated woman with her own business bringing her inspiration and dream to the world. She loves nothing more than to share that power and knowledge with others, especially women finding their own way to power and dream-manifestation.

We look forward to sharing our martial art, community and lineage with you!

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