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“It is an important decision. Who will you trust to influence your child? For close to six years now, my daughters have studied self-defense in the Japanese ninja tradition at the Boulder Quest Center. They have stuck with it of their own desire. And each daughter has earned a black belt. My daughters have learned quick disarming and escape moves to stay safe against a stranger and responses for inappropriate social situations at school or a party. But, most importantly for day-to-day living.”

                                                                                                       -Neshama A.

“Mary is a teacher that you will never forget. I was lucky enough to be Mary’s student and I will be forever inspired by her skill, patience and kindness. I met her for the first time at her Women’s Self Defense seminar at Boulder Quest and was hooked for life. She is the sort of person whose presence upholds the very best of a community’s culture and inspires others to join her.”


“I train for the personal realization of truth and my capacity to protect against anything. I find here a community that collectively strives for that same end, and in the process creates the magic of the ninja; the truth is everywhere, we must discern it.”


“My whole life people have always told me how much potential I have. But at Boulder Quest, I am taught how to access it and expected to use it.”


“I’ve known Mary since I was seven years old. During this time she has been a mentor, martial arts teacher, mother figure, and friend. Mary has a deeper understanding of the human nature and the power of language than anyone I have ever met. She is able to articulate into words thoughts people are unable to verbalize. As a martial arts teacher she does more than pass on knowledge of techniques; Mary teaches a way of life that I believe every child should grow up learning. Through Mary and the light she carries one learns self-confidence and self-worth – dwindling values in today’s younger population. I trust Mary with my life.”


“Mary is one of the most empowering women that I know. Her professionalism, determination, and passion is an inspiration for all walks of life. Out of hundreds of applications, we recognized Mary as a Sam Walton Emerging Entrepreneur for her unique business idea, demonstrated small business success, and potential for growth. I’m honored to know Mary and support her and she continues to grow her business”


“Mary runs the one of the best kid’s martial arts programs I’ve come across. Her passion for To Shin Do coupled with her vibrant and youthful energy make her a favorite among her students. I would highly recommend any of the Mighty Dragon classes at the Boulder Quest Center!”


“I feel like I am at my second home when I’m at the Boulder Quest Center. I feel safe, happy and cared about here. They have helped me transform my pain into empowerment and my self-consciousness into self-confidence.”


“I want to know that I can protect my family if I need to. My confidence has increased, and I have met many interesting people. It is a full body/mind way to keep in shape.”


“The instant I walked into the Boulder Quest Center I knew it was the place for me. Since I joined I have learned so much and grown physically as well as mentally. It’s hard to put into words everything it has given to me. I’ve made some of the best friends of my life and feel so supported by the wonderful community of fellow ninja. The entire environment is positive and spilling over with amazing energy and potential. I could go on and on, but everyone should just come experience the wonder for themselves.”


“This is like a home away from home, it’s not just self defense, it’s a way of life, a way of life worth living.”


We look forward to sharing our martial art, community and lineage with you!

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