“Being in a dojo environment with people who want you to succeed is powerful indeed.”

– Colleen, software developer

The number one reason that students love the Boulder Quest Center is that it feels like family, in the most positive of ways. We have found over the years that a positive community creates a positive learning atmosphere. In turn, this creates more success in our students than any other single factor. While it is true that we have an incredibly deep martial art, well-suited to authentic self-defense in the modern world and personal transformation within, it is our people of which we are most proud.

“I’ve learned that even though I am small, I still have power.”

– Jessica, CU professor

Our students have also discovered what the ancient masters of the ninja tradition discovered –you don’t need to be big to win. Our whole-body movement method, called taijutsu in Japanese, allows a small person to generate tremendous power and leverage with little or no effort. We like to call it “intelligence in motion”. No matter your size, you will enjoy creating more results with less strain.

“The immediate applicability of this martial art is really refreshing.”

– Jeff, US Marine (ret)

Our students also love training with us because our techniques work. Though our students lead such happy and successful lives that assault is unlikely, those that have had occasion to make use of our self-defense skills are clear that it really works for them. They were able torespond efficiently and ethically, returning home safe and happy.

“I’ve learned to know things before they happen.”

– Tallinn, age 8

One of our youth students put these words to our favorite part of the ninja lineage. With training, your awareness and perception change. It does become possible to know things before they happen. Is it magic, or simply experience? We’ll leave that to you to decide, but there’s no doubt that it is extraordinary and powerful.

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