Dojo Ownership Change

My heart is calling me to a new adventure. As of June 1, I have the unique privilege of uniting one of my first teachers (Ian Hyotoshi Pucek) and one of my first employees (Ian Leitoshi [...]

Shodan Essay: Blake W.

What Does Attaining Black Belt in To-Shin Do Mean to Me? By Blake Wetherbee When I started training in 2009, I knew I wanted to attain Shodan. I think it was by the time I reached yellow-black [...]

8 Fold Path Essay: Aidan

Nidan 8 Fold Path Essay by Aidan Over the years practicing martial arts, I have learned many valuable skills and lessons. From self defense to how to operate in the world, martial has taught [...]

Nidan Essay: Aidan

Nidan Essay By Aidan O’Brien Turner I chose to do my Nidan essay on the book The Ninja and Their Secret Fighting Art by Stephen K. Hayes. This is because it not only teaches valuable information [...]

Lessons of Fire

Lessons of the Fire At first I thought Fire is angry, Aggressive, Rude. I’m a good girl, the nice girl. I can’t do this.   I run and hug my friend. I’m so happy she’s in class today!   [...]

Lessons of the Water

Lessons of the Water I step back. I’ve been absorbed in the details, Perfecting my footwork, and my energy But now I’m someplace new. Water. I pick my angle. I don’t have to fight the problem as [...]

Entering the Dojo

Entering the Dojo: A Poem The doors says “21st Century Ninja Training”, I peek in. The pictures and certificates call to me, There’s a big Japanese style gate, and beyond, the ceiling rises [...]

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