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The To-Shin Do Ninjutsu, 12 month Foundations of Self-Protection course is designed to provide you with a grounding in effective physical, intellectual, and emotional self-protection. The goal is to also provide you with an exciting excursion into the potentials of empowering self-development.

The techniques learned are based on an ancient and well-tested system of warrior disciplines handed down by nine historical Japanese lineages. Our training is also built around a very modern approach to successfully handling the kinds of threats that most likely in our own contemporary culture.


The Three Mountain Dojo’s 24-month “Advanced Self Protection” course builds on the ability to recognize potential danger and the capability of responding effectively based on what you learned in the “Fundamentals of Self-Protection” course. This segment of your skill development will focus on the water and fire elements. You will learn to use angling, strategic timing, distancing and positioning to win over adversity. The water element will focus on methods of retreating effectively from immediate danger. The fire element will focus on when and how to be effectively assertive and aggressive in order to prevent or end a conflict with minimum effort.


The Three Mountain Dojo’s 24 month “Path of the Protector” course is the final stage in the journey toward black belt. You will reinforce your working knowledge of the Earth, Water and Fire elements. You will begin to explore the Wind element, focusing on freedom of movement, effective leverage, and actively redirecting momentum. In addition you will explore the Void concept of formlessly appropriate action. With an eye to spontaneous creativity and adaptation you will refine the principles and techniques studied in the first four elements. You will now begin to make the art your own as your responses to threats become ever-more intuitive and natural.


Three Mountain Dojo’s Level 4 training includes passage through 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree black belt skill development. You will be exposed to and practice regularly highly advanced concepts, techniques and strategies. 1st through 3rd degree black belt is analogous to freshman year in college through completion of graduate studies. The student gains a much greater understanding of their individual strengths and weaknesses and how to most effectively build on these.

In order to graduate to the level of 3rd degree black belt students are required to pursue in-depth study of both modern and historic weapons. This is the phase at which a student becomes highly effective as an accomplished martial artist.

Adult Program:

Adult programs are designed to offer a state of the art approach to self-protection. Our Ninja Every Day culture drives empowered living, confident engagement, and a collaborative environment for a variety of skill levels. Begin in Level 1 and work your way up towards Level 4, earning your belts along the way!

Private Lessons:

Private lessons are available for those students who want to hone their skills and really dive into their practice fully. 30 minute and 60 minute lessons are available, where you will have a one-on-one time slot to review and practice particular skills.

Youth Program:

Our youth program offers a variety of classes for students 8-15. Learn the basics in Level 1 classes and work your way up to Level 3, completing belt tests and skill assessments along the way. Sign your child up for a free Youth Level 1 class today!

Little Shinobi:

Designed for children four through seven years old. The training is a combination of the mind and body sciences of To-Shin Do created by Stephen K. Hayes along with body skills training used by the ancient Ninja. The focus is on injury prevention along with non-aggressive evasion and escape techniques, not the use of force.

Our goal as instructors is to create a fun, safe and adventurous experience that has the potential to transform the children into healthier, happier, stronger beings.

We look forward to sharing our martial art, community and lineage with you!

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