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Want to super-charge your To-Shin Do?

Whether you want to make up for missed classes, explore special topics, or work on kihon material, a private lesson can help you deepen your connection and abilities in the lineage.

Private lessons are available with our Black Belts who are on the Instructor Team.

Private lessons are available for 1-3 people. If more than 3 people, please see Private Group Training.

1st Degree Black Belt :: $40/30 minutes :: $75/60 minutes

2nd Degree Black Belt :: $50/30 minutes :: $90/60 minutes

3rd Degree Black Belt :: $60/30 minutes :: $100/60 minutes

4th Degree Black Belt :: $70/30 minutes :: $120/60 minutes

*If you cannot find a training partner, we can provide an uke for $15.

We look forward to sharing our martial art, community and lineage with you!

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