The ultimate purpose of martial arts is personal development.

For youth especially, martial arts should deliver training in a powerful environment that cultivates positive personality attributes and inter-personal skills.  This environment is created through…

  • Encouragement of self-discipline, enthusiasm, and whole-hearted engagement
  • Praise by peers and teachers for successful results
  • Goal-oriented training that encourages pursuit of mastery
  • Affirming correction when needed for inappropriate behavior
  • Social interaction with friendly people of varying ages and backgrounds
  • Non-competitive and safe atmosphere
  • Expectation of cooperation and respect
  • Discussion of To-Shin Do 3-part Student Creed and 14-point Code of Mindful Action

. An Important Decision

winter_warrior_halonah_crop_262x271“It is an important decision. Who will you trust to influence your child? For close to six years now, my daughters have studied self-defense in the Japanese ninja tradition at the Boulder Quest Center. They have stuck with it of their own desire. And each daughter has earned a black belt. My daughters have learned quick disarming and escape moves to stay safe against a stranger and responses for inappropriate social situations at school or a party. But, most importantly for day-to-day living, Mary Casey has modeled how to be compassionate, present, and awake human beings. It is obvious to me that she has been a very good influence.”  —Neshama, Mother of Halonah, 13, and Zipporah, 12 For children ages 4-7, check out our Mighty Dragons and Dragon Warriors program. For youth ages 7-15, read more about Life Skills through Martial Arts in our To-Shin Do youth program.

We look forward to sharing our martial art, community and lineage with you!

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