Mighty Dragons & Dragon Warriors

Boulder Quest offers two classes for our Dragon age youth: Mighty Dragons (ages 4-5) and Dragon Warriors (ages 6-7). These classes focus on physical coordination, focused attention, and social gathering skills. Our Dragons have fun! From sword dodging to Theme of the Month, the Dragons are engaged and eager to learn. We treat each child as an individual and use positive reinforcement and praise coaching to help them learn. We believe that each child has unique gifts that we nurture to make the world a brighter place.

Physical Coordination

sword_dodging_216x124In our Dragons programs, young students learn to be aware af their bodies, their capabilities, and how to safely interact in their environment. We focus on the elements of play: running, jumping, skipping, laughing, and having fun.

Mental Coordination

img_5533_184x245Our games and programs help children develop their minds. We do many exercises that encourage left/right brain engagement, problem solving, resiliency, and flexibility. Our games are specifically developed to be age appropriate and to meet a child where the are.

Personal Freedom, Self Discipline and Life Skills

We believe that every child has an amazing potential and it is our mission to help children express their best selves. We teach self discipline through positive reinforcement, intelligent coaching, and consistency. We have a different theme each month that we study, including Compassion, Effort, and Enthusiasm.


We look forward to sharing our martial art, community and lineage with you!

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