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Below are some Frequently Asked Questions about the martial art of To-Shin Do and our ninja lineage.

Why is ninjutsu known as “the art of winning”?

  • Because ninja train to win at life, in all circumstances, rather than just defeat a single opponent or technique. Ninjutsu is the art of finding victory in all situations.

Is To-Shin Do really ninja training? Are To-Shin Do and ninjutsu the same thing?

  • Yes, To-Shin Do is really ninja training. In fact, it is the most relevant and useful ninja training you can find. Ancient historical ninjutsu was developed under feudal conditions of constant warfare, using timeless principles of how human bodies and minds work. Our founder, Stephen K. Hayes, studied the ancient techniques of how to win on a 15th century battlefield in armor and recognized the principles behind the techniques that apply to modern life. To-Shin Do is his contribution to the ninja lineage based on 40 years in the martial arts, adapting the strategies of the ninja to modern American life and conflicts. You get all the wisdom of the ages, put into a training method that makes sense for you now.

We look forward to sharing our martial art, community and lineage with you!

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