Move, Act & Think Like a Ninja

If you’re familiar with martial arts, you may wonder how to characterize To-Shin Do® ninjutsu.

We wonder too. Our martial art is so diverse in terms of techniques that it is difficult to pin down. At a minimum, you will learn:

•    Grappling, throwing, choking and joint locking
•    Striking, kicking, and punching
•    Self defense when pulled to the ground
•    Stick, blade, cord, and projectile defense
•    Successfully handling multiple assailants and surprise attacks
•    Overcoming psychological intimidation and bullying

Optionally, in special workshops and seminars, you can also learn:

•    Classical sword, bo staff, chain, and shuriken techniques
•    Wilderness navigation and survival skills
•    Advanced driving techniques
•    Gun disarms and safety
•    Group tactical movement
•    Dignitary protection skills
•    Stealth and tracking skills
•    Energy and pressure point healing
•    Meditation and cultivation of inner strength

All of the above is delivered on top of a single coherent platform of how to move, act, and think like a ninja.

This is what martial arts are supposed to be. Once you know that’s true, the next step is to see for yourself and try a free class!

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We look forward to sharing our martial art, community and lineage with you!

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