Dedicated and intentional, he wastes no time or energy. Ready to survive and thrive in any situation. ~Blake

Ian Sanderson grew up reading books by Stephen K. Hayes and integrating ninja skills with those taught by his Mohawk lineage. An experienced outdoorsman and educator, he ended up in Santa Fe, NM working for the Santa Fe Mountain Center as a wilderness experience facilitator. He commuted from Santa Fe to Boulder for years to actualize his lifelong dream of becoming a teacher in the To-Shin Do ninja tradition.

Ian challenges people’s minds and bodies. He is always positive and encouraging. ~Kim

“I love everything about To-Shin Do, and as a teacher, I get to learn and be a part of everything at the dojo. When you are fully immersed, there is no room not to succeed.”

Ian moved to Colorado in 2009 and became an Instructor at the Boulder Quest Center in 2011. He brings his wealth of experience to the dojo, combining his unique history with our highly effective teaching methods. The result is a playful spirit that delivers serious results in an authentic way.

Ian’s depth of experience, dedication to knowledge and expertise in observation make him able to unlock the secrets in each person’s individual training. ~JoAnna

Because he had to work so hard to get access to the knowledge and opportunities of the To-shin Do lineage, he makes it a point to study everything revelant to his growth. As a result, he is teeming with helpful secrets, cross-topic connections, and innovative drills to bring out the best in his students.

“I have never seen Ian turn his back on knowledge. No matter how good he gets, he always seeks more. For him, everything is training.” – Mary Aitoshi

Ian’s other skills include stealth, camoflauge, tracking, carpentry, silver-smithing, and organizational facilitation. He has also spent many years studying and teaching Indigenous cultural traditions, rights, history, and modern issues. He sees the ninja lineage as a living history that has much to teach us today about how the disenfranchised can find freedom, prosperity, and happiness now.

Ian’s very knowledgeable and his experiences make him a great instructor. ~Craig

We look forward to sharing our martial art, community and lineage with you!

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